Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Non-US Citizens Not Obliged To Pay Gambling Winnings Tax-Recover Gambling Taxes Paid

As a non-US citizen, if you win gambling monies while visiting the US, you weren't obliged to pay the 30 percent tax imposed on the monies. However, if you won over 00, it is likely that you paid the 30 percent tax before even receiving your winnings, which makes it possible that you are entitled to recover gambling taxes you may have paid. Learning how to get your gambling winnings tax back can be quite beneficial to you, especially if you find a refund management company that can assist you in getting this rebate without a lot of hassle and fuss.
Getting your gambling winnings tax rebate involves following the right steps and processes that will prove that you are entitled to recover gambling taxes you have paid. First, you will have to locate your winning slip that shows the amount you won and which casino you were at. If there were taxes taken from the winnings, the slip will represent the taxes paid and will also record the date and time. If you have misplaced this slip, there are online refund management firms that will assist you in obtaining the winning slip in order to recover gambling taxes you paid. Getting your gambling winnings tax rebate can consist of many other forms and a great deal of work on your part, which can be made much easier with the use of a management company.
The next step in getting your gambling winnings tax refund is to qualify for the rebate. This will include proving that you won the gambling money no more than 3 years prior, as well as that you were the legal resident of another country at the time you won. To recover gambling taxes, the IRS is going to make sure that you meet every single eligibility requirement with documented and valid proof. An online refund management company will typically let you know if you are eligible without having to go through a long process. If, in fact, you are eligible, the same firm can provide you with the necessary services to obtain your refund.
The IRS can have very long processes, with wait times that can drive anyone crazy and such tedious methods that it can be both time consuming and discouraging for those that can't keep up with the IRS-which is most people. For this reason, there are several companies that can become your advocate and get the gambling winnings tax refund for you. They will handle the IRS providing the forms and transferring to the IRS for submission, helping you to recover gambling taxes owed to you.
As there are so many non-US citizens that frequent the US to enjoy the mass of casinos and gambling outlets, there are some that leave with extra money won from a casino, they likely paid gambling winnings tax as a precautionary measure by the IRS. If this is your situation, with these steps and the use of a professional, you can easily and quickly recover gambling taxes due to you.

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