Thursday, June 21, 2012

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?

Cars are one of the best ways to get around and having your own car is far more convenient than waiting for a taxi or bus.

There are many ways to ensure that you get a great deal if saving for a car purchase is in your plans. You need to think about this when you are looking to purchase an automobile.

For the very best deal, buy at month's end, when the quarters are changing, or just before the dealer shuts down business for the day.

This is because car dealers usually try to reach their sales quota every quarter, and will give you a great deal for a car. They'll probably be incredibly enticing, with extra perks like an extended warranty, and may even include some neat extra accessories for your car.

You can also get a better deal on a car if you but on a day that is raining. This is because there will be little or no buyers in the car dealership. Customers are the top priority in any business, so car dealers will want to make you happy and will offer you some quite good deals.

Purchase your automobile during the holidays. During the holiday seasons, automobile sales are generally slow. Once more, dealers will be very cooperative and include a great deal for an automobile.

Shopping for a car during the first days of the week may be one of the best things to do. That's because lots of possible buyers attend on Saturday and Sunday. So if you attempt to arrange a deal that would not be advantageous to the salesperson, he or she will simply walk off and deal with another client.

However, on the beginning of the week, like, Mondays or Tuesdays, car dealerships have little or no customers at all, and again will be very welcoming and will negotiate to your advantage.

Purchasing a year-end model will save you money. Once new models are introduced people lose interest in last year's model.
Car dealers will want to sell off the model from last year in order to have room for this year's model. This can force car dealers to lower the price and you can still lower it by negotiating. Some sales persons will offer you free gifts for your new vehicle.

In addition, buying a car with the design cycle ending can give you very good discounts. The reason for this is because the older model is no longer made after the manufacturer creates a new design for that particular model of car. This means that car dealers will want to get rid of the previous model fast.

If you do not feel an overwhelming need to have a brand new model, this is a great way to purchase a vehicle. Sometimes the good deals are the ones that are out of style.

If you want the best deals around and unbelievable discounts, look for auctions featuring government impounds. impounded cars where lost because of criminal activities or by seizures because of tax evasion charge

These cars can be very new and in good condition. Many auctions offer as much as a 90% discount off vehicle purchases because the government acquired these cars free and can afford to sell them at a low price.

If you purchase a car during a dealership's slow season or purchase an outdated model, you are more likely get a car for a cheaper price. If you're looking for some new wheels, pay attention whenever the government is holding an auto auction.

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